I will choose who succeed my squeeze lessons from Manchester United’s succession problems

Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United F.C.

Alex Ferguson, manager of Manchester United F.C. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Recently broke up with my long time squeeze of many years and its many many years of being together, the only one and all the superlatives you can pick out of Shakespeare’s works.  so here i have been over the last few hours contemplating what next after but its all looked doom and gloom till i Googled Manchester united football club and it hit me with all the chaos they are having in the name of succession replacing the irreplaceable.

The moment my squeeze left i sat back candle over head and thought about it for a while thinking  what next then it hit me. I recently bumped into her at a new fancy restaurant where we had a small chat and judging her stream of conversation she tried to paint a picture of who should be my next squeeze.No one has power to decide who succeeds them no matter what they have achieved and i guess that’s something the #mufc board didn’t do and now see the chaos my mind brightened up. In the bible Sara had to bring back the peace by kicking out her husband Abrahams concubine to bring back the peace in the house yet she had started it all hoping what starts well ends well. Local kingdoms in my country and hopefully even those out have stringent conditions before one actually becomes their heir just because we share the same blood line don’t mean you deserve to sit where i sat all my life. Instead of letting my former squeeze use her sentimental touch to decided who would float next into my life i have opted to take charge and objectively think about what my next squeeze will bring to the table because what made her special may not be what her CHOSEN one is made of even if circumstances will blind us into thinking she is made up for the job.

The out going leader had amassed so much power over the years that he was more like a small god of sorts deciding what moves in and moves out of the club and institution as he built the empire from scratch. A big similarity shared with my former squeeze who on many occasions called the shots on what i did sometimes and didn’t do other times after all we met when i out of paper and here i am holding bundle and bundle of currency. She decided what bed sheets we laid on the bed, placed the orders at the restaurant when we went out to have a meal under the excuse of what she thought was good for us as a couple something she always reminded me its for the greater good something that’s synonymous with the former Manchester united football club manager who was not short of kicking out people if things didn’t go down the clubs way which was good and sometimes bad but hey he had worked hard to deserve this power something that i swore will never happen if i got my next squeeze. My new squeeze will have initially dozes of power which will be incremented according to where i see it fit. Its on that note that i will even date the neighborhood hot head playing the card of if she wants to stay she better be prepared to play by my cards then as time goes on i will increment it according that is if i manage to take.

My next goal and objective is going to be well written out on the wall and the squeeze will come after checking all the appropriate  conditions. I remember one uncle of mine was hit hard turn and was dropped from dating princess’ to dating ratchet neighborhood girls but now is swimming with the beauties right now his happily married and kicking out the blue print of what the next dream team should be built of. He intimated to me how he turned things around and he calmly told me first i had to define the goal clearly in black and white and not blanket it out in one broad statement. After that all decisions were made as long as they ticked the way wanted to from the big beautiful gracious girls read the UEFA champions league now that i could only play in the UEFA Europa league read the local ratchet chicks in the neighborhood who expect sex on that awkward day read playing on Thursday night a day not synonymous with football, were we ready to trust our academy i.e. my  phone book with the old contacts of girls of yester years that i had amassed or i was ready to break the bank if it came to recruiting for the next level if available and lastly the person i was entrusting it with was it a good housing, booty read trophies they have won before, the tantrum they bring to the board room read her character on the big stage and ability to galvanize a winning not chocking team. He told me you have to decide clearly where you stand before you swim into the murky waters of recruiting the next squeeze or else you will be excusing your self about how you need time to turn this thing around.  For example how long did i plan to stay with her if things don’t look up, Do i need to win trophies read children in the short term and still be stable in the long run yes that what i am going to do meaning her successor will have a proven record of doing both with out breaking a sweat and if not then am becoming sentimental hoping that with a bigger opportunity she will be able to match up to the great expectation which as a seasoned UEFA champions league player i know pedigree always counts for something even in the situations that we least expect because stability is over rated if you are not oiling it with that silver ware ask the specialist in failure from across town.

Lastly guess i will have to play a more pro-active role in my future relationships if they are to last long enough now that one has gone. Its no longer going to be about skyping and leaving instructions behind all the way from Florida only appearing on pay day. For example when she threw in the towel i was supposed to set the agenda of what’s next for the team but and be prepared to fall by my decisions instead of hiding behind the old jacket of my squeeze waking up late hoping coffee is prepared yet am here all alone with work to get done. So hoping my next squeeze will make the right decisions like my ex is signing up for suicide which looking at Manchester united football like its a path i don’t want to be seen to be treading if i get her which a man like me cant fail to do from day one i will be active in the relationship and seen to be doing something even to be seen to be applying pressure when need be where it needs to be if i see that are vying off the beaten track life that mission Malaysian plane that has disappeared from radar.


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