I still reserve the right to to have my picture took

Today i woke up to some sad news doing the rounds on social media and the general print media in Uganda concerning a new vision photo journalist who lost his apparently from a tetanus infection he apparently contracted while on doing snapping away at near nude party revelers enjoying what is left of life in my blood country after the victim he was taking slashed him with a bottle leaving him with wounds that led to a tetanus infection. See its common knowledge that tabloids make a fortune snapping away at near nude women in un compromising positions in the country which they flash

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across their front pages with random abandon under the tagline the more uncompromising the better but i will keep stick to querying events surrounding the snapping his picture and his death.


Well am not one to condone violence but first and first am here to push the human right and the right here is the right to expression as many seemed to push justifying the journalists behavior while rubbishing the woman. For starters what is and how do you define a RIGHT. I cant tell depending on the fence you seating on but don’t i have a right not to have my picture TAKEN even if its a public place especially when i take the initiative to ask you to delete the photo unless you can give me a satisfactory reason as to why you should keep it. I was a part time photo journalist for an amature magazine that i edited back at university and i remember the magazine got more subscribers if it happened that i had a controversial picture on the front page. Getting that picture taken too was another ball game all together it involved being very technical and having great position awareness reason being if it so happened that the person whose picture you were taking got to know about it it resulted to having the picture deleted. There was never a way i would justify why i should keep the picture because even though that person was in wrong i had no more right to keep their picture and stand on my moral pedestal broadcasting their immorality. It was plain impossible unless i explained to them at length what their picture would bring to the magazine. Fast forward to this journalists and questions arise why did this photojournalist show or alert this lady that he had taken his picture because none of those tabloids publishes the sources of these pictures unless he had a personal vendetta against the woman and had presented a case of ransom or something along that line which ensued in the woman applying the the rule of the juggle.

On top of that is the dirty reputation that comes with the tabloids in who prefer them dirty and in the age of Photoshop even tweak some of them go several steps to make them even more uncompromising before they publish them in the process minting millions while the individual in the photo gets nothing. Some even go ahead to pluck facebook pictures with out consulting the user before publishing them.


Then their is the argument of a public place so what is a public place??? “Public place” means any enclosed indoor area used by the general public or serving as a place of work containing two hundred fifty or more square feet of floor space, including, but not limited to, all restaurants with a seating capacity greater than fifty, all retail stores, lobbies and malls, offices, including waiting rooms, and other commercial establishments; public conveyances with departures, travel, and destination entirely within this state; educational facilities; hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and other health care and medical facilities; and auditoriums, elevators, theaters, libraries, art museums, concert halls, indoor arenas, and meeting rooms but does this gaurantee that everything should be snapped. i know many public where they wont let you take a picture even with your camera phone yet there is no physical sign to show that no camera’s allowed.

Lastly the journalist apparently from a tetanus infection he got from the wound caused by the bottle the woman used to slash him but then how can a bottle in a bar have or be in a place where there is tetanus because its not a clinic or anything like that. then what role does new vision as the company paying these guys to snap away what cover do they provide to their journalists while away in the field. for i believe the first thing they would have done is ensure that he gets proper treatment since he got the snaps that sell the company but all they are doing is cry foul and heap blame on the woman. I wont be surprised if journalist get beat in city strikes and their employers do nothing at all.

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