How I wish machu picchu was plot 10 in uganda

Unfortunately MACHU PICCHU is not in Uganda or else the anti pornography bill would be in full effect because four male tourists, two Australians and two Canadians, were arrested for several hours after they were caught filming and taking nude photos at the country’s famed Machu Picchu using a camcorder while the Canadians, both 20, used an iPhone. Forcing the culture ministry to put up signs at the Inca site warning people that taking their clothes off there was a “crime against culture” and would lead to immediate expulsion from the area. It comes after Peru vowed to step up surveillance at its famous historical sites to counter a growing trend of tourists taking nude photos and then posting them online. Machu Picchu, an Inca citadel from the 1400s, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do you know what place I want to take nudes it’s a place called PLOT 10 in Kampala and houses the NRM party

How I wish you were plot 10 located in Uganda


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