Send the Uganda Police to give the waters of a Sara Check to recover the missing Malaysian plane flight MH370

So the Malaysian plan destined for China mysteriously went missing liked the year is 1820 not 2014 where you can be geo-located by twitter when you post a tweet but some how planes that we have been mythically lied to a being tracked aint actually tracked and the roja that response only works in the movies. What’s funny its been five days with no sign of progress in what ever direction reducing the whole institution into bunch of stay home women rumor mongering over what suits best to their intentions from someone seeing burning item in the sky working at a oil ridge like we all don’t know those oil rigs are always burning fuels up the rigs. If you thought only African leaders don’t learn from history then welcome to the new world like some company slogan because with air France plane going down in the Atlantic in 2009 you would have thought the plane makers would have learn their lessons and updated their tracking devices……..*updates his android apps just incase* but not these super companies now we are stuck with the excuse

‘we are searching for the black box so hold your fears’

like its possible for a bereaved family but away from that don’t you think the missing volunteers to search for that plane and cut everyone’s fears by half is actually lying unruffled in Uganda accumulating and breathing dust.

For starters we could lend them our very own Golola Moses made in Uganda. Now for those not familiar with who Golola Moses of Uganda lets get up to speed. Any Golola Moses out their with out the made from Uganda is a faker even if they win kick boxing matches for real…like a real faker and why we need him on the team this is a man who can impregnate a woman just by looking at her, spreads his clothes to dry on facebook timelines so imagine what he could do to the Malaysian plane playing hide and seek with the search parties. He would land their and like the biblical Moses simply ask the PLANE come out of hiding or else it gets hurt ask Mugula his last opponent.

That’s the journey it can be traced with a 6B art pencil, an atlas and some pre-UPE education

Well if the new systems and GPS that they throw In our faces aint working and aint planning on working do it the old school way and pull out an atlas. Yes that MK Atlas that we used back in junior school and somehow we could plot the way back home probably the searchers have to do that. The military say they picked up a flying object somewhere somewhere. Well trace that on a piece of paper lay it on an atlas and trace out the actual position of the plane simple as ABC instead of wasting time pretending to use GPS, monitoring equipments and other tech survy things simply do that. Even the first missionaries used vaguely drawn maps in atlases drawn by the Arabs and somehow they landed in African were they siphoned us of all possible resources so probably high time they visited the Uganda museum for those atlas or any stationary shop in Uganda and if they are saving costs how about they visit those guys at Cairo bank bank for used Atlases, Nasser rd for high quality tracing paper Kampala roadside resellers can get you a good 6B pencil and the plane location will be picked out easily.

Search and win money promotions that are popular competitions run by companies in Africa and a specialty in Uganda it’s the only way we sell things or get more listeners. Listen to any Ugandan radio station or TV channel and some one will be grinning with crisp new notes of 50,000, 20,0000,10,000 Uganda shillings denomination bank notes depending on the prize money from that specific competition. So how about the Malaysian plane owners turn into a big search for money competition with one big clue look for Chinese, the Vietnamese radar where the plane purportedly was last seen and we are good to go simple as that. The next few minutes don’t be surprised if several people pop up with the missing debris and all sorts of evidence about the missing plane in a very short time instead of relying on that rainbow of nationalities searching for the missing plane.

Lastly but not least that search part is not complete without the services of Uganda militarized police. These guys will give anything a sara security check and find it be it bombs being smuggled through to the speaker of parliament through envelopes it cant bet Uganda police and their service above self motto will sniff it out. The Uganda police is so cool they even give suspects sara brain searches ask the OMULODDI mayor Erias Lukwago, free lance opposition leader Kizza Besigye who are arrested if they even dare have thoughts of walking-to-work or any sinister missions in the city to disrupt the peace they will be given preventive arrest. This police is so good they are impartial they even give sara security checks to the ministers case in point is the prime minister Hon. Amama Mbabazi whose thoughts of becoming president have caused him to lose some of the powers he previously had. So imagine if the police are charged with mission of recovering the Malaysian plane the water and grass hiding the plane could be arrested for obstructing justice just for thinking about it even the plane would have already been given a preventive arrest just for thinking bout leaving the agreed about route to China its destination.


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