Will Moyes-defenders join in debate with me of why you want to keep him? #MUFC

He has brought nothing positive of note to this team since the beginning, whether be it tactics, substitutions, transfers etc. The rise of Januzaj is in spite of him, not because of him. Moyes is doing what Souness did to Liverpool when he took over from Daglish. Replace the entire backroom staff, change the tactics, formation and playing style and keep playing the same mediocre players as if they were UCL class, let alone world class. In short, changing a winning formula thinking his own formula is better. Souness can be forgiven since he was a liverpool legend (as a player) and he had very little managerial experience. Moyes on the other hand, has 11 years of experience with Everton. Did he change their playing style and tactics over that course? No, same style every season and gave him some 10 top 7 finishes and one 17th position. Moyes inherited a Man Utd team whose playing style is directly opposite his Everton team and he expects the players to play like (his) Everton instead of him learning the art of passing. If we take a look at Everton now, Barkley and Coleman have improved so much technically and Baines have already made a lot more runs into the box for cut-backs instead of just aimless crossing. I’m not sure if SAF and the board has made the right choice in Moyes or was it desperate decision-making? To give him a 6 years contract would mean it was NOT desperate decision-making. However, the fans are getting very anxious and upset, yet I doubt the board would fire Moyes and pay him some hefty compensation. On the other hand, should Moyes resign, I’m not sure the board would accept his resignation since they would not want to hire experienced, available managers in their 60s and having to change managers every 4-5 years due to old age and pressure

His dealing with the current team has been nothing but disastrous, isolated the old guards of Rio and Vida, misused creative players like Kagawa and Mata, overused useless players like Cleverley, Young, Valencia, put a heavy training that make injuries prevalent (this one is very debatable I know). If with his player selection policy he gets the result would you mind? May be if the team playing style does not suit your taste. A different manager can sometimes bring more out of a player. I am personally fond of Kagawa, it sadden me to see him not going into the team selection however what makes it worse is that he is sitting on a bench giving way for those who do not even perform even though giving Moyes time. I was not expecting any silverware but a good run on the league, FA cup, League cup and of course Champions League are to be expected or at least a clear sign of a plan on what is going on and why I cant explain.

Moyes-defenders have always called to give him time, but even Alex Ferguson bought time with his first full season in charge by finishing 2nd with a bunch of alcoholic, over the hill players. He also had a CV full of trophies to back up his claims for rebuilding process. The problem is he lacks leadership and he transfers his attitude of giving up even with 30 minutes to play to players. I mean, you are 2-0 down and have one more substitution to make and you do not make use of that opportunity. What got us beaten is nothing other than the approach to the game by the manager, when you chop and change winning players like he does; you create disillusionment and players morale drops. The reason being, to Moyes whether you play well or not you are not guaranteed to play the next game.


People will be given time but first they have to prove themselves by doing the job with what you already have. Nobody in the right mind will invest millions in you if you can’t do a half decent job with the resources you are provided. Moyes inherited a team of champions. The least he could do is to win simple games against the most inferior opponents. Instead his broken records after record and helped teams who had not tasted success against us for decades look like lion-tamers. Don’t give me the excuse that this is not his team. You won’t get paid if you tell your boss that because this company and other team members are not who you want to hire, thats why you cannot perform. Moyes’ best attribute was to manage with what he was provided. Now it seems he can’t even do that.

He is a nice guy but does not have enough presence and charisma to convince the players, the supporters and the press to support him. What are with all the comments about “we don’t know what we have to do to win” and “unlucky” and “we played well and we didn’t deserve to lose”? I actually can’t remember the last time we played half-decent football that can convince people that we were worthy winners.

He has always come up short when it matters most. “Moyes’ best attribute was to manage with what he was provided” that if Moyes could carry Everton on limited resources, then imagine what he’ll do with Man Utd budget (I need an Emoticon here). Everyone who watches football saw what Brendan Rodgers did at Liverpool last season (with the players he inherited). He did a decent job and management could see the ideas he brought to the table. So they gave him millions to invest and build a squad. The result is clear to see. From day 1, I NEVER believed in Moyes. You know why? Because he is not an attack minded person. Train for a century, work out algorithms and formations but if you do not go for the offence to score, it will rarely happen. Moyes ALWAYS (like forever) set up Everton not to lose. It is what he believes in. It will not change now that he is 50 Years old. Remember Roy Hodgson, same argument was made that he always did SO MUCH with limited resources. Well, what did he do with ALL the resources at Liverpool? These men set up their teams not to lose and that can NEVER be a winner’s mentality.


He is unlucky. Not that he deserves to win but when it is 50-50, he always gets the wrong side of the coin. And that is no good to say that Moyes has been bad luck is just absurd and it is from people who dont want to face reality. Moyes cannot get the team to play well, he plays players out of position and 60% of the time he got his tactics wrong. How that bad luck….Moyes need to go because he is ruining the team.

Lastly about the RVP comments wanting space. Probably the goalkeeper was also occupying the space he wanted to place the ball


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