Why I don’t pay for FUFA and Uganda Cranes matches

Its Saturday mid-afternoon the Ugandan golden sun is lingering around in hope it won’t miss the action, national pride is at stake the noise from all corners is deafening but today it’s not tear gas, no party colours just one colours and one religion #WeBelieve. Me on the other hand am a floating Beyonce and Kanye song, my ego inflated feeding off statutes and enlightenment won’t let me join the queue of those scrambling for the tickets for I believe they are meant to be free for every word in the FUFA constitution is to go by its legal meaning, the score I won’t give a shit instead am wondering how deep into the abyss David Moyes will take my dear Manchester united. The reason for the aloof-ed ego is the activities and explanations surrounding FUFA’s legality. The purported ‘association’ charged with running football in this country.


one of our very many un-answered questions

Naturally FUFA, an amateur association accredited by national council of sports (NCS) as soon as they pick application forms drop its private nature. The moment they apply to NCS a statutory body under the ministry of education and sports that manages, controls and regulates all sports associations in the country they FUFA run the game in Uganda according to its laws and can represent Uganda at international level and not private shareholders. See the categorisation of FUFA according to their constitution state aloud as a private ltd company by guarantee thus doesn’t make and is not supposed to make a profit then why charge me above the expenses they have incurred to organise the match. Instead they masquerade and go ahead and charge exorbitant fees for matches at the stadium. This state of matters not only has it breached but infringed on the constitution which is the laws of the land as in the same constitution they describe themselves as a company ltd registered by shareholders while the first describes them as a private company by guarantee then the same constitution. The first makes them a charitable organisation while the second makes them a profit making venture so can you be a boy and a girl at the same time???


we are tired of the finger pointing

Many reasons have been fronted as to why FUFA is registered as a private company one being to be able to sue and be sued however if ones suing you all he does is add the trading as so and so to the party is suing unless FUFA had another meaning by the word suing or something else more fishy.

See you may argue there is nothing wrong with FUFA being a registered company but registration is not in names of office say president of FUFA but in bearers names yet that person is not an institution if he dies his next to kin can lay claim to the company named FUFA yet it’s a meant to be a public entity incorporated by NCS. Hence if every dollar is taken by the registered by shareholders then I don’t buy the whole idea of govt helping them some funds to transport players to international matches because am yet to meet a private company that dons and does things in national colours unless it’s a public entity to which am entitled to demand an accountability at the end of the financial year. But alas not here in Uganda these fools even have the guts to deny us accountability by comparing their operations to Gagamel a local music outfit saying our accountability is at the stage performance i.e. the match is enough justification of the money we pay the rest is there’s.


our loyalty has been abused

Unfortunately they forget Gagamel has the decency to admit they are a privately owned company which FUFA don’t. Gagamel outfit receives their monies as a private entity and accountability hence is for the shareholders so if I hear cries if please govt help us with some funds is illegal unless the president goes on one of his famous make it rain endeavours. How FIFA still does business with FUFA yet they claim they are not a private entity is mind boggling unless somebody is reaping from this illegality but as for me am not giving away my hard earned cents to enrich some frauds in a private company masquerading as an association that runs football in this country and how FIFA still manages to do business with these people still beats my understanding……………


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