Moment of kindness

Am not good at working with strangers especially if they are the type I could find around the street corner begging for a shilling, dollar or a pound to feed their lazy bones and mouths. So every day when I see one I hold up my chin aloof like a miss world sweeping her waist to the endearment of all the sex mad viewers in the audience who threw hard earned money at the cashier in hope of a few minutes of commercialized and accepted lust.

So recently moving around my yard the usual suspects lay there in wait for my aloofness which of cause I came with in excess since the story I had read in the daily newspaper of their day light robbery dressed in their hunger and desperate looks plastered over their faces.

Slowly I passed by floating emotionless to ensure they noticed that I noticed them and was never ever going to release a coin from my weary pocket. However like the breeze sweeping through my kwashiorkor like hair there was something tingly wrong with me today. For starters I hadn't woken up with my usual hard on or on my usual side of the bed. As I swept by our eyes met and I for the first time in all the miserable days I have spent on this earth I found myself connecting with the sleepy eyed kid sited flat on the cut out box. Her hunger I felt in my belly while her pain was rushing and knocking onto my nervous system like we had known each other for centuries.

Everything after that happened like clockwork, I lay down my aloofness dropped my fingers into my pocket not in search for a coin but was wetting my fingers with saliva counting crisp clean currency notes ready to hand them over when the devil in me nudged awake from the temporary stupor I was in. With no emotion, remorse or God caring word you can pick from your vocabulary I closed that wallet air tight like nothing had happened because that's how my kindness flows………..

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