we are all in open relationships but just cant admit it!!

An open relationship is as vague as the denial we all live in of our claims that our relationships are safe and sound between me and her minus the other so and so as long as am not caught. Wake up its 2013, gone are the days when relationships were between man and woman just the two of them with a lot of loud mouths that have sole tape to shut them up from poking their nose in our business. Our parents don’t chase who we spend our miserable lives with like it used to be in the old days since we so “modern” and liberated or so in the mind to think we know what we want in life that we choose our life partners. You can find them every where from the internet to the funeral of that guy who owes you your life savings. However problems are at the point of picking partner or partners form the sea of options at our disposal do we have the will power to say the right things??? It’s like a maze just when you think you have found the one then something pops up that more juicer than what is at your table. Starting a relationship is like you buying fruit in the market you tap and fondle and caress all that’s at our disposal before settling on the one I mean even the guy selling the fruits will as you are you buying or sampling then we tell them the most appropriate answer. Human’s only problem is that we refuse to admit that’s what we are doing in the name of chemistry with sweeteners like we get on so well it’s like a condom and dick that’s of you well endowed. ohhhh I think I have found the one until another pops on the display shelf then everything is thrown out the window for chemistry without devotion is just a waste of time.


definitely many fishes out there………………just keep looking

Relationships these days should start with “see me I am here till I think am ready to stay” so the other party knows not to bring all their eggs to the table. We come in with one leg ready to flee the crime scene instead of two where we all will get hurt when you find me sampling another fish from the sea because you don’t lay the rules on the table which crops up the problem of acid attack on our rivals and broken hearts and plates in the process. Let’s say it’s more like a pre-nap of the relationship or insurance for that matter until the time when we ejaculate from children into adults in our minds and acts though our bodies are up there in the old age bracket. I know of multiple people in relationships or so they claim who have lists like twitter lists of those specific people who fill in those specific needs time to time be it sexual, financials or emotional. Our only problem is the fact that we are not willing to admit and lay the terms to the fact that we all in an open relationship. Before or during the relationship we are always sampling on the side with a or multiple side chicks it’s like foods at buffet you don’t know what is the best till you take bits of each of the foods at the table and for sports fans you don’t take all teams and support them you simply pick one at the end.



just have to know your best fit

Married couples too are not safe as they too are in open marriages depending on the setting no matter their stand of their sentences in the marriage. Walk into the bar, get sited and as you getting comfy don’t be surprised if the dude with King Kong abs hitting on you has a gold wedding ring on marriage finger. For the guys the lady inviting you to share her drink with is no ordinary cougar with stripes but another product of an open marriage grown to admit it. A huge percentage of these marrieds are living single lives despite the fact they are supposed to be married sharing the marital bed and have someone back home who used to welcome them home after a long days hustle in the city dust. I have heard of some stories of marrieds who live in my dream mansion but sleeping in their own bedrooms and only meet to have sex that’s if one gets a nightmare of Jason cutting off their head that they fly to their partner’s bedrooms and one thing leads to another I don’t have to stress the rest.



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