Supporting the #UgandaCranes; passion or plot

For starters i wouldnt want watch a game under the false pretence ‘patriotic’  just becauss our national motto screams, for God and my country and pretend my country comes first before anything…..yes woman keep quite you know who comes first. Watching football is like a religion built on hope that tomorrow promises better than today. Even when your team loses next day you at the ticketing booth signing up for another ticket thats if there are booths any way. How about if your team is clearly a chocker that has proven time and again it cant deliver. When we needed one goal to book qualification we didnt score not even hit the opponents goal frame and when it was a point needed a star of the team got booted from the team so thats how bad the team is or some body claimed voodoo and jujju charms were discovered at the stadium premises yet on the pitch we were clearly the bad ones.


So why do we keep filling the stadia every match day?? Are we attracted by the bright yellow kits blinding the sun……hanging onto that unbeaten home record. Even when the ticket prices were increased to abnormal prices we still somehow filled the stadium and sang our throats sore. Or is it a chance to be seen in the VIP rubbing shouders with those in those in things  holding stones in this city. I remember one match when the stadium was filled with politicians like it was a political rally. Even before kick off there was a gaurd of honour where players lined up to be greeted by these politicians. They were then drowned in promises of huge cash bonuses, land, women and all that comes with showing off yet when it comes the budgeting process for the nation none of these politicians even think sports exist ask them about one player and cant tell if his even a Ugandan. We dont even have a stand alone sports ministry and when the president gave his state of nation address nothing was mentioned about sports.  The in-football fights among the football leaders too are more reason to turn my presence at the stadium plot since no one disorganised has ever achieved anything and Uganda Cranes is testament for that.

The media too is that plot band wagon chasing cronies as the only time the national team is talked about is when its written in columns with a sexist look to it. Either uganda cranes failures are used in comparison to one minute men in bed, or what kind of men women should not bother date for they never seem to beat anyone, compared to men who cant deliver weddings even after years of dating since they have failed to qualify for any tournament even after getting all the chances they have got. Basically no one cares about what Uganda Cranes is going through but we are in the stadium secretly praying they slip up so we can throw mud at them.

Then comes the fans and corporate companies. These put in cash not for the passion but plot for fans after the game. Running promos where fans win tickets, beer cans,  free entrance to after parties. I know games are parties but you look at thd faces in the stadium and its made more of people lucky to leave home and wont be asked why they didnt beat the curfew. The alcahol flows free as people mint money freely while other women win themselves pregnancies so that 9 months later we read in the news ‘Cranes Babies’ unfortunately none of these cranes babies will ever see a succesful cranes campaign nor shade a tear for the team as peoples tweets live to tell at the final whistle. For me cranes matches are simply plot to get drunk with no fear of cops since i will execuse myself
boss, i am mourning becuse we just lost a game as usual
Till next time but today we are gearing up for a game against Liberia, then Angola and am loading beer and airtime to meet old buddies for one big celebration……………………#webelieve.



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