Technology turned us into rumour mongers like women and consipiracy theorists

Huh technolgy is mans new best friend……f what the dog is thinking or has to say about that. Its closer to us than our girlfriends i mean i rather sit growling over 19th century slow internet than stand a minute with my womans motor mouth. They perform not fairly off technology though appearing a respectable 3rd place after tools like whatsapp and bbm in spreading rumors a core essence for conspiracy theorists. She will sit through mins to hours to days talking about this and that like she’s got google for a brain.

love rumors
love rumors

We no longer even care what the news paper front page has to say the internet keeps us posted to the letter. A bombing takes place in the US and you watch reports float across your device like you are right there as we cook all sorts of consipiracies surrounding that incident……was that Osama whom Obama claims to have killed?? Or it was Saddam Hussein without his famous Fredrick Lugard moustache?!! All these fly across all platforms in minutes what was a small story gets every one glued to their devices typing away like we are neighbourhood house wives yapping about the new couple in the area who dont know how to have ninja sex. I mean who wants to hear his neighbour slamming away in the next room unless of course am next in line to slam that fine…….dont push me because the last time i over saw sex in this house the painting on the walls didnt have stretch marks.

you say what
you say what

With technology comes the smartphone with its ever improving camera lens thats growing every day like a baby for better for worse depends on what end of the fence you sitting. You dont have to have the latest casio, carl-zeiss lens camera or kodak….no all it needs is an internet connection and a simple camera. Snap away an innocent looking picture, share through bluetooth with a friend for a good Sunday laugh one thing leads to another and before you know an innocent image is running more rounds than kiprotich around the world through memes and gifs depending on the users suitability and occassion. Dressed in photoshop the same picture can represent a loser, hero, revolutionary all in the same sentence. It worsens when the person is someone famous gotten in a compromising situation like sex in a car parked out side a strip club its the snappers choice. Within minutes you are from one time struggling for fame and now you hiding under you blanket scribbling essays intertwined in threats to who ever even cares to listen thats to technnlogy making everything viral through whatsapp, youtube and whatever media at you disposal.

This has been worsened by the twitter inspired hashtags….or a collection of idle heads spreading lies and accusations muddled on typos posting on one topic. From one corner of the earth to the other rumour mongers are busy typing away even those who are clueless of what the hash tag is about all he needs is one familiar word and the theories are wheeled into motion. To fan the fire and keep the coffee warm nearly all social networks now support them so brace yourselves for more un verified news on your device all thanks to technology.



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