On a scale of 1-10 who is fooling who?? police or Iryn Namubiru

For starters am lazy at piecing together consipiracy theories see i rather stay stupid than blind myself acting clever. A couple of weeks ago some ‘celebrity Ugandan female singer‘ was bundled into a Japenese cell for walking around with drugs worth $750000 at the airport in this day and age given her profile too. This stoey looks plain until you hear the rest of the developments ofcourse we on twitter had a field day with the jokes.  She got locked up until devine intervention as the media has been reporting over the last few days.



After she got thrown in everyone took a stand from from the family, the quack priests and men of God hoped onto the band wagon pushing congregations in frenzies of prayers asking God to intervene in her situation,  politicians jumped onto that deplomatic page and card so with so many cooks in the kitchen i switched off my interest for the once juicy story had lost its spark and gone stale for a serious note criminals need attorneys and that lawyer sh*t not long cold nights of prayer so i left.

However my interest has been re-awakened sending my brain cells at work. She got released from Japan mysteriously and was welcomed back to Uganda to a heroes welcome. See thats Uganda’s speciality singing praise to criminals which we are good at too. We worship the corrupt, hang pictures of ruthless dictators in our offices and dress to weddings like the most infamous criminals of our generation hence Iryns case was not unique it was the usual.




However like i said before crime in Uganda comes with alot of finger pointing and no investigations. Like if it was a case of smuggling illegal drugs what the hell is she doing outside a jail cell for that doesnt smell community service to me.
Another query is who owns the drugs she was reportedly arrested with??
Where did she get them and why isnt police interested in digging up this information i mean a stitch in time saves nine aint it?

Also according to her its her manager who handed her the drugs and as ‘proof’ of it when she was hosted by a certain church she even had the guts to parade him in church. Washed her hands clean of him Ceasar style by claiming he handed her the drugs like she were a little girl and then the questions start popping up like goose bumps…………for a woman who lived in France for a while she knows how planes and drugs play out, could she have taken it or was she black mailed???
Why is she parading the poor guy before a church congregation as though its a police station?!  Doesnt she know where the nearest police statjon is?? Is she protecting her manager and what transpired in Japan?
Is it just a ploy by her manager to get her back in the news for relevancies case after all she has been singing like forever??
Why aint the police interested in this case i mean if someone accuses another of such a crime they jump in even though the case is not reported if she could access those drugs in those quantities how about those who are desparate?? How many celebrities would be involved after all they are looked up to by our children.
Am just asking here for this story has played out illegal from the day it broke but the hand of the law does not look the least interested at all…



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