Free meat brings confusion at campus as boys fight for meat to give their side-chicks

our gallant girls took home the converted prize of a goat after embarrassing the opponents who never showed up in any of the games and fixtures. The prize was a fatty goat with more kilos that Straka the television personality.


my share of the meat i couldn’t miss

the drama started when all the boys lined up to fight for meat to surprise their side chicks mbu they had been shopping yet all they did was hijack an occasion meant for the girls to celebrate their big victory in the just concluded games…….

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setting the rules this meat is not for side-chicks

funny despite the fact the girls brought the meat home somehow the boys showed up to claim their prize on their behalf. We even had time to organise the rules of sharing the bounty……..on the basis of i have got for wife one, now give me for wife two and don’t forget to get me for side chick number………….ah….ah…………i mean my new catch.

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the team that deserved the flesh took the offals except one guy

the intestines of the goat that were meant for those who don’t eat the flesh were not spared either as the girls were left to fight for that. they had all the time to skin it to the last enzyme all dressed in black as they massacred their prize mercilessly. However some greedy boys still paid them a visit to still claim their share of that toooooooooooooooooooooo

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those who got enough looked for corners to hide their greed

and when the sharing was done it was time to get on to our heels as the camera came flashing left and right. some were caught stuffing flesh in black polythene bags, some begged the wall to swallow them when questions of who took the liver started surfacing, skinny jeans became race track pants as sauce pans acted as buttons were the fastest runner took home the biggest quantity while other disappeared with the speed of light to the safety of the hostel………..


the late comers couldn’t even get bones to console themselves with

ironically by the time the actual girls team showed up the saucepan was done empty and all they had were empty sweaty arms begging for scraps………………………………………..bambi next time come early as meat waits for no one even the bones you will miss.


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