even the rain couldn’t stop my teeth from raping that chicken

The Easter bunny must have lost the directions to my house see even the Google kids were busy creating that dumb doodle for who ever came to my mind in the process breaking her Google maps. so in my town i was killing chicken by the numbers



the chicken was too much i had to use both hands to munch on it after the God of Chicken cast a spell on my hand……things were trembling on me but that couldn’t kill my appetite for the feathery things

my plate looked like a promo plate dug off the pages of your favourite magazine or something along that line.  even thing was brown and deep fried to the right temperature with the right aroma to tickle even you reading it………….see the drum stick at the extreme end i had to munch on that


when i got my full i changed the eating position then added a few drops of the alcohol to speed up the rate of digestion and when it could not handle any more i closed my eye in my palm and thanked the God of chicken for them feathery things before showing him my clean plate………….


to sum up it i dipped my teeth in cake as dessert to wrapped in but had to leave a small piece just for the camera before it dug its way down my gut into the muscle that is writing this blog post……………….


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