sometime during election time….i miss you Auntie Anne Kasango

I know you can’t read this article neither will you ever see it. Rewind to just under a year ago at almost this same day and same event was the last time I ever spoke or saw your smiling face. I remember it was election time as it is today in April and I had just acted as a polling assistant. I couldn’t hold the excitement and no wonder even before the elections were done I was already on the boda boda (taxi) coming home clad in my Electoral Commission t-shirt. I remember I arrived at almost 9pm on short notice minus even informing you but you still welcomed me with open hands. You asked me about the t-shirt and before you were done questioning me I was already beaming with the answer for inside me I thought it a small token that I was finally maturing as a man ready to take on the world for in your eyes I was still the little boy you took in many years ago when my own biological parents had literally abandoned.


a picture of Anne Kasango……

’selfless giving’

Your face lit up like crazy as we spoke till late in the night as you told me your plans and how you were struggling to living alone in the apartment and how you couldn’t wait to move into the house you were building for at that time you were roofing it since auntie Christine had moved in with her husband, my sisters Peace and Brenda were in boarding school while Nelson was with mum in Tororo. So practically you were always alone. At that time I simply laughed it off but today I feel the pain and gravity in your every word. You told me joking how your feet had been paining you and were swollen that you couldn’t move UN assisted. You showed me your hands with black spots and they were rough even when I felt them it could show. what’s funny is everyone in the house used to refer to ourselves as ‘local breeds’ is we never felt sick and I remember you were the chief protagonist of that stance coupled with the fact that we were highly religious so we believed in Gods miracle hand i mean you always reminded me how it had worked for Norah over her trembling hands, Denis had stooped sleep walking among others.



the varieties of food we ate over the Easter holiday…which turned out to be my last

I to date remember the excitement when you talked about your new fridge and how you had struggled to place it in the house on the fist flour. All those words play like melodies in my ear when I think of it for it was the last chapter in the box of memories we were to share of all the 20+ year I spent under your care. The shopping we did for the Easter celebrations, the chicken and oranges and how you were willing to spend just to make me happy. I remember you complained that my laptop bag was small and not secure enough to hold my laptop safely and the next day you gave me a call to come pick a new one from town. I hadn’t even asked you for one but you did it like you were my angel always guessing what is in my head that my lips couldn’t tell or whisper. Many times I wish I had accompanied you to celebrate Easter with auntie Regina‘s family but I lied because Manchester United Football club had a match that Easter Sunday so I faked an excuse that I rather stay at church but I lied hope you forgive me.

2013-03-25 11.16.37

the camera she had to top up so i could buy it

On Easter Monday I spent all my savings on a digital camera without informing you prior so when my money fell short to the asking price of the shop keeper I had to run to you for top up. Your face turned black but you still gave me the top up to clear my debt that was emanating from a stupid case of window shopping. Yet you still had to give me pocket money and still fund my transport back to campus since exams were simply a few days away and basing on how seriously you took education I dared not miss even a paper. I remember you reaction when I flashed the lens when you were outside talking to the neighbour the speed with which you used to re-enter the house always puts a smile on my face. My only regret was not taking you camera because I feel guilty for refusing to take it and instead went and bought a new one to which you still had to contribute to.


the last two pictures you ever took of me…on the left the flash when you were talking to the neighbour, on the right the picture she took of me using the camera

And as history has it the last hug I got at the door was the last incident I was to see and feel you. For after a few weeks I got that dreaded call from uncle john that you had gone to meet our maker. You were admitted at Nsambya hospital and within seven days you were gone from us never to be seen again. to date I always ask myself was there something you wanted to tell me before we parted ways, I have asked this question to everyone who was at you death bed but I always get the same negative answer that nothing happened nor was said. Crazy but sometimes I find myself dialling you number that maybe it will be the last phone call you ever receive to lift the dark cloud of suspense dangling on my head. On this note rest in peace auntie Anne I will always love you. I will always keep you favourite line in all my actions

‘selfless giving’


the fridge in the corner was her everything……it pains that you passed on when you had used tor for less than a month


2 thoughts on “sometime during election time….i miss you Auntie Anne Kasango

  1. Rest in peace aunt ann,u will dearly be missed.u wea ur family’s binding person,u had no sides and always said yr mind.U always listened and advised accordingly……up to now we still dnt know wat wea gonna do without you.we will meet one day……RIP


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