I sold my vote for a tray of pork and a pot of malwa

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we live in a spoilt democratic system. Take it from simple economics demand creates supply which supply sets the bidding price. From old democratic rules the price was your integrity and the bait was he/she’s manifesto. From Cinderella rules he whom the shoe fitted took it home aka the vote……………..

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However times have changed take it or leave. Even to ease yourself today it will demand you to give something. Elections are not any different even though many stand on television in their cologne filled suits to tell us none of the above is true. But i have proven it first hand from my bid as EC chairperson which i lost not because i didn’t have the best plan but because my opponent was more willing to release the money which i was reluctant to do……………………….so as i speak he is EC chairperson and am a philosopher on the side-lines busy whistling and wishing on.

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Now the price changes from person to person and in what setting you are demanding this vote and why. At our campus the leaders to be have devised means of drowning us in alcohol and letting us munch away on fatty pork thighs at the village bar no wonder we no longer care about our integrity of where my vote will finally end up.

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Even though you vote with a lot of integrity the incumbent ends up looking more like the competitor with nothing achieved at the end of the day. So to make it easy for our over worked brains we have decided to auction of votes to the highest bidder since they are all in for the allowances that come with having that juicy leadership post at the campus which sadly i get no share unless am their girlfriend or boyfriend.

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Funny we don’t demand a lot just cheap alcohol as long as it comes in huge quantities and is enough to go around every lip that is available on the scene at that given time since unless you in that vicinity a falling tree cant fall on you………………….

so after the pleasantries i can conclude that i sold my vote for cheap local brew called malwa and a few pieces of pork……………………….at national level the votes are sold for pieces of soap and bags of salt. so you can easily say the system just got rotten from all angles you can think of.


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