Close the library so i can up my sperm download

Every day of every minute of every second  i stare at my laptop giving it that look i throw the street beggars. One that screams what you asking from me i want it more than you do. Thats why am moving up this street looking for it but only that this time am sitted at my laptop. One bit per second, twl bits per second that downloads counter keeps playing ding dong with my patience. One minute, two minutes i keep waiting hoping it will pick up like the bad habits learnt from the govt. But i wait am not in a rush to throw in the towel like the Pope……..i will wait even Arsenal still waiting for a trophy after eight years.
By diplomacy duct collapses and i go out the cafe to stretch a muscle or two or three just for relaxations sake. The damn library still open with its doors flang open like a pussy in a hardcore porn clip. Time check its 10 minutes past official closing time……9…..8…..7….then…….will the damn clock just move on. As the counter nears the zero mark……i try to split a smile but that stupid librarian lady wont just move an inch to shut down the damn library.
Checking my laptop speedz still midgetly low towards the lower end where my bank account usually is the bulk of the time. Am cursing under my breath close the damn thing because that LAN not fair to the wireless connection. Drum the table with my finger as the clock tick tocks towards my appointmet yet the library doesnot smell like the library is about to close.
Looks like to this blind date i have on skype……….but thats if the damn library is closed shut like the truth in the mouth of a hypocrite.
Never to mince words like meet walk up the librarian, arm her keyz and send her home to her good for nothing boyfriend  and unlucky humans called babies because the skype appointment is with a fine, well groomed beauty of the fairer sex who easily make her your dick wet…..


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