These ones enter the D

Am not a big fun of games though that doesnot mean i dont love the players. The only reason am interested in tennis is because i like to watch their petite playing clothes swing exposing that flingy part of a woman that makes my testerone erupt with desire. I play the volume loud so the neighbours think am laying pipe as each hit ball comes with a moan as an escort nowonder am studying to be a tennis umpire when i grow up.
Talking of the rules the netball game i watched besides being on the look out to see those thick feminine legs do the apart together dance that was giving me slutty ideas i wasnt picking much. Except the statement by the coach these ones enter the D.
Now i know only one place where the D*ck enters and thats the P*ssy And for the D*ck to enter the balls are sentenced for hanging only being invited for the party during  Bl*w Jobs thats if she is naughtly un-cultured in bed. She was not to have sex by a certain script drummed into her from her pre-d*ck days.
The rules are twisted like anearobics with the ball coming from a team mate, the receiver does a ballet step one-two swinging her boobs into place as the fans jaws drop so hard like the Uganda shilling against the dollar, arms are stretched out to form a makeshift defence and the ball rolls off the throwers like rumour off Adeles lips. However for this slutty scene to metarmorphoss…….she has to enter the D*ck area of the court with up town cut walk that she like Beyonce at half time super bowl.


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