On the other side of the cheating

Its a dirty game one played with no shame. Friends turn into sworn foes in the twinkle of an eye. Warm relations are turned stone cold as guilt rests heavily on peoples shoulders. The eyes turn from looking foreward to carressing the soil everytime they see you. The breath is cold as allegiences are switched like womens under garmets.
Conversation becomes the most painful thing to hold as your breath reeks of a born cheat. But if you to cheat next time have the sense to hide and wash your eyes. Dont let the tears drop on my shoes you will be soiling my kiwis since 1906.
Whats more worthy to you….money a piece of note with the word legal tender on it. What of friendship……..one that does not cost even a single dime. One built on words you spoke yourself or it was not you like that dude in the shaggy song.
Ohhhhhh now you want back then how sure you its you who is cominig back. I doubt your purity now for it looks like the dark behind your arm. The lines are country roads of your treachery like  drankards puke on hand made shoes.
Its not good to cry over split milk but but not……i agree then you shouldnot have given me your word should have kept it in your stinky mouth the world would still be a safe place. But now am wrapping on protective gear running away from your weapons of mass destruction.
What hurts the most is you cheated and you now so guilty you are losing weighty carrying that guilt on your shoulders. Hoping the ground will open up and swallow you in one good mouthful, rewind back the hand of time to the empty promises so you can refill them with what i dont know…….and i dont want to know. So if you meet me any where lets pretend we never met or that i have leprosy and you are sqeaky clean like a Pharisee. Am a sinner and will stay away from your holier than though new fugurine.


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