Am not wearing condoms because the Pope stopped wearing red shoes

So the pope threw in the towel after 1234567…….8 years. 8 miserable years of carrying somebody else’s name. Sleeping in luxury while his flock slave away. But thats not my quarrel today to. Mine is about the Popes red shoes. Those red things synonymous with the pope for the last 8 years he pretended God had made the right choice to appoint him. All he has left me is this damn AIDS ad doing the runs in town pretending to remind me of things i know and have always known since tge day i discovered what makes a penis hard………blood not bones.
here u am staring at the new AIDS ad in my country about the reckless life we are living. They are enciuraging us to zip up condoms….king size, midget size its all your choice.
Question is did the Ugandans who bisited the pope convince him to resign as we are planniing on amending the marriage bill. We are yired of commitment that comed in truckloads.
We are planning marriages of dont bother peeping if you are not ready for anyting. Nothing like co-habiting or all those bad manners want her you putting a ting on that motherf**ker brother.
What happens in yout bedroom is as good as being peeped into by the law……for property is for splitting 50-50 to the letter as fictated by the law.
And the cool thing with this law is the fact i can resign my marriage just as the pope did. Wake up one morning get a vidion and throw in the damn towel.
Starting today living tge care free worl of not giving a damn about my nut escapades around town. This time round you cross my path i drposit a few seeds into you for the road because either am getting trapped with you round my nuts any ways.
Gone are the days of wrapping up its going down so wanna see my chances of sniffing the venerael start by counting how many cuties be fkying left to right in the city.


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