Kicking it wilder than the Pope

So the Pope defied Gods am always right logic by resigning and slowly am startinf to appreciate my predicament as to why am always  on the  other side of the cheating. Despite believing in the code patience pays things are still pretty hard. Failure still dangles around me like a chandelier. Luckily the Pope to has joined my life of doing alot of nothing. Waking up to count the hours the sun going down luckily he has the option of not worrying about the dime expenses.

He can start by chilling on television series. He can watch serie, rome or revenge so he can plot his counter plan incase God tries to do revenge up on him for soiling his decision making ability.

His not that old so he can sign up for indoor games. Pay psp call of duty in his loads of passtime so he now knows how to respond when called up to duty by his superiors.

Follow kim  kardashian on twitter and no body go raise dust in his face. When he retired his twitter account was closed so he can secretly open up and follow miss sextape cum mother to be.

Hit a strip club in Rome and throw his pension money on the strippers. The Pope is living off the largest pension fund in the world so instead of watching the money rot away he can start by making it rain in strip clubs as he relaxes his old muscles. Better still he can join Bulesconi at one of his sleazy parties in Rome.

Become a champions league commentator since he speaks amillion languages. He can take his linguistic skills to the largest and most popular reality show in Europe where the lies and drama never dies.

Attend on of Bulesconis sleazy parties this he can do it anytime. Unfortunately Bulesconi is facing some jail charges but that doesnot stop the retired Pope from attacking the coolest parties in the whole of Rome.

See the Pope retired because he waa tired of wearing all white all day so he can spend a good number of his days trying out new colour shades that tickle his fancy. Some like black, pink though the gays may think he crossed the sexual bi-line….


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