An opportunity in no crisis

Mh funny how fast time flies especially if you are eating things. Funny its like yesterday when the current guild president then candidate was busy canvassing for votes from amongst us. His catch line ‘AN OPPORTUNITY IN A CRISI’ . I am not disputing his opportunity back then was all black for all to see. We wanted change, more transparency and more accountability. The plan was by that the problems of the previous government were not to show its ugly face again.
We the voters believed in big time that the messiah had finally arrived but i geuss i was wrong. The same ghosts came back to haunt us proving we learnt nothing nor forgot nothing. There were bickering over unpaid allowances, misplaced funding that had no money for value while transparency was a myth. Just another word used to add flesh to the manifesto.
The impeding issue of transfer of accounts remained as illusive as those who had invented the idea in the very first place. The funds were not trickling down to the lower levels of the eating food chain as campus secretaries were left to scrap for leftovers and off cuts from the guild cake.
Selective amnesia was this governments best friend from day one despite them swearing in with already typed schedules for the whole term. Events happened as though the government leaders had just woken up from a long slumber. While some campuses were busy holding freshers ball others were bickering over issues of under funding and threatening to boycott any participation whatsoever.
Like i said transparency was a myth with complains from guild leaders that the guild president insistently kept his number off or hang up on people when they happened to call him.
No project was ever started and since none was inherited it means with government was comprised of men fit of risigning since they were all doing alot of nothing.
So the question i leave the guild president what was the crisis that had caused him to think he had an opportunity to change since he looks more cut out like the government he replaced.


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