Politics bred and fermented in Busitema University

The dreaded days are finally in town staring down upon us. The suits are being dusted away from the closets and being pressed fine clean. For the ladies fancy nails are being replaced with promises of hard work. Gone are the mood swings and anti social behavior are being filed away.Image 



The phrases are turning from I to We. Are thing is spoken in plural tense. We are a team trying hard to get their. Where we are going the manifesto our map. The promises embedded in clear English are the flood lights illuminating the dark path way.

Phrases of IF and I promise are thrown around like monkeys do poo. The smiles are flashed around like Britney Spears pantyless bums. The belts buckled tight illuminate the seriousness of this mission. The situation is crystal clear like the faces on the ballot papers. Take one take two but propaganda is spreading like  bush fires….we in the team are taking vows of secrecy like we papal conclave.





The confidence is transferred across the board like Viagra….. Hail Mary come save us from thee the political tricks. Like a virgins blood come cleanse our souls as we decide the lesser of two evils. There faces wide and curvy like Banana to a monkey bless the choice of our hands.

The exchange of the deal is a promise waiting to be broken. One carried in one basket like an untrained farmer. Our hoe is the tick


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