The government that did nothing and stole nothing

Am not a big fan of bad ways neither am i a fan of holier than though attitudes atleast when not taken to extremes. That explains the outgoing government that has practically done nothing despite having the first successful 8month term unlike other governments. This governments stay in power us comparable to a grave yard….simply too cold.

We all know the drama associated with political power. The buzz and fuzz all in tow but the govt 2012-2013 has been so cold. It was so dull even basic functions of the guild like freshers  ball and campus assembly nearly passed un noticed. To make matters worse even we the beneficiaries of the events didnt even bother ask why???? We had gotten used to the saddness we didnt expect much from them at all. We didnt even bother asking why the lack of guild actvities since this govt was only good at one thing moaning about the acute lack of funds.

With that pain we thought maybe they would serve us with some drama but it never came to life. No tales of missing funds, talk of impeachment or any controversy that was making rounds in the corridors of powers. The way they entered is the way they came out only with a few added allowances to their accounts but nothing to write on the pages of history. To show how bad they were when theie was a strike at campus they opted to side with administrators and not students.
No wonder in the pages of history they come out the cleanest dullest govt to hold power


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