Do University students need to be sensitised by the Electral Commission

University is the epitome of higher education in Africa. Its believed what happens at campus or university is in preparation for political life outside the university. Our guild president is His Excellence in waiting but before that his voted in by people.

Electral Commission sensitisation at campus

My university has been on a mission to cut down on costs of voting process because we are told democracy is not cheap. But one question that still bugs me is do university students need sensitisation. We even went to the extent of trying out electronic voting as a way of by passing the cost factor.

Teaching electorate what to do

Do they need to taught where to tick and how to tick. By the time you join tertiary level you must have gone through multiple level elections. So needing sensitisation at university is it a sign that you learnt nothing and thats why you remember nothing. Must you still be reminded that voting is secret ballot. That its your own personal choice and what the majority think

Student listen keenly

Then comes the issue that we need to sensitise those who are competing for posts. I mean by the time one stands he knows what is required. Why must the electral commission spend money to explain its role yet every day on tv we are watching election processes.


One thought on “Do University students need to be sensitised by the Electral Commission

  1. Good innovation though content matter is abit shallow and I think writing on political issue say at national level will require some homework. Otherwise way to go.


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