sex leads to things like gonorrhoea, syphillis, candida and even relationships……….you never know where you land.

Usually when am going to get my d*ck wet i have a code. One i have used on the beaten and trusted path. Its not that i wake up with a plan that i will roll in someones deep in the wee hours of the whatever time it is. The best things in life come unplanned like me even my birth was not planned. How did i get here i also dont know but am all willing to enjoy the thrill. Am all out guns with my protector latex ready to roll and rumble in the jungle of love making. Where i do it i also dont have a clue like a bird free in the sky.

Thanks to the creator of civilisation am a country boy living life really large in the city. My humble abode has an address like a physical address. If you punch me in google i pop up like toast bread. Am top flour material and i like to fuck just besides God’s big eye. Thats because am told he looks down upon the earth yet when an getting it i like my privacy. I dont do Kardashian sextapes and still smile about it like nothing happened NO, i care for i fear who is watching and their judgemental eye.  But that dont mean i like to meet people in the corridor to my destiny. Not want to meet their friends in the corridor either or else they go spend all evening yapping about my erect hungry sex escapades. Though if i happen to land into your story believe me am taking pictures and sharing them…….on line no Taylor Swift.

And when am in i like to evaluate how much one person is looking at property on the house. I like to see what i can carry in my little box of memories just incase the sex doesnot turn out to be half as beautiful as the person am having it with. Yeah……… happens ugly people be good in that department for beautiful people think they just too good to care. My previous victim rumour has it i dissappeared with their virginity and am selling to the highest bidder but thats if you talk to me nicely.

Lastly i do it like a pornstar on the wall, in the kitchen sink up wet in the bathroom i lay pipe. I do it good like a pro hitting the home run for the thousndth time. Rough , safe, gonzo pick your DP and give me that laugh later. Your response writes the script to how this ends. Whether it ends here or lives to see another day with out the 007. I evaluate how bad that person is at the way they talk and the amount of yellow on their teeth, their sex too especially since sex grows things like gonorrhoea, syphillis, candida and even relationships……….you never know where you land.


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