Busitema University open air campaigns at Namasagali Campus through the eye of my Samsung galaxy




it was the dreaded day when candidates of all interests were to dissect their manifestos wide open to woo more confused voters to their campus


some candidates wore whole suits for the first time in their university life and it showed while other wore simple t-shirts to show there ideology was not to be contaminated y the spirit of borrowing….if he didn’t have  he didn’t have



it was a battle of gender and sexes for some posts as candidates went the extra mile to show they were best suited for those posts




the first ladies for the Campus Resident Commissioners were in house just in case things went wrong

                   1363703481119 1363703667184

the candidate in the race for Campus Commissioner went neck to neck and word for word when it was discovered having the most beautiful first lady would not count on election day


the listeners listened while the fans made the loudest noise they could master


those in disagreement went and caucused about proceeding on the outside




                      1363707026341   1363707273479     1363707332009the guild president hopefuls poured all the sweet words onto their listeners in the hope of swaying their boats to camp                     


at the end of the day the one with the most convincing message took the day by the horn and the fans response showed



but the theme was not forgotten as voters showed faith in their candidates going to extremes to justify it……………………………………………thanks to my Samsung Galaxy

a love story more gripping than twilight saga.


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