How the guild president is fast turning into Busitemas Erias Lukwago

Divide and rule was a propagqnda tool pushed, concwived and propagated by the British colonail government. Its a way of controlling several constiteucies at atime tgrough use of appointed cheifs who were largelypuppets of the colinail governemt operating at tge whims of the colonial governemt. Fast forewars to 2013; and busitema university being a multi campus university  the same diagnosis was passed as the right tool to rule.
However unlike the colonial puppets appointed by the colonial government the local chiefs operating at campus levels named RCC are appointed tgrough democratic elections done at campus level. This then means they have different people to answer to unlike the appointed pyppets here the direct electorate at campus level demand the campus RCC to give themmore answers than they would expect fromthe guild president.
Unfrotunateky for him this not only happens at one campus but its the same at all four currently existingcampuses of Busitema Universitt. Hence in the longrun the guild president is operating in a power vacuum witg no electoratw toanswee to hence he eventually forced into trying to remain relevant by eitger sidingwith the unicersity administration whixh is also bad on its own or creating none existent wars so he reamins relevant.
Talking of relevance is another issue is that the guild president has powee over his Resident Campus Commissioners because he still controls thrsource of funding since rheir is only one guild acxount where funds are deposited and we allknow tgeir is nno power without funding. Hence creation of campus will hence mean that the guild president hqs no control of the campus leaders sincethey control their own source of funding, students respond and conpalin to the campus leaders with no need to involve the guild presidenr which makez him irrelevant yet we all no power is nothing witgour authority over your surbodinates……


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