Guild predidential hopefuls should start drafting business plans instead of manifestos

I have read, listened and had to digest several manifestos in my short university life. I have stood for elections and won on the same ticket but all i have learnt is the fact that we all hope to change many things but but not the one most important thing……how to finance the manifestos. Many claim to make budget cuts drastically to avail the little available finances if voted into power, others have proposed to be shrewed planners and spenders holding everything accountable to the last coin which of course many have failed to do in their guild terms.
Its at this stage that i propose a more radical one which is preparation of business plans instead of severak beautifully done manifestos that end up being just beautiful collection of verbs and words with a democratic connotation to them. I use the phrase ‘business plan’ literally of course. Am not suggestingcandidates should go and sell guild property, become managers of some sort and forget the benevolent human face that the guild governemt is meant to to take care of its electorate minus demanding a profit them.
All am saying at the core of their manifestos there should be a vibrate a plan to generate a sizeable amout of funds to count for the huge short falls in guild funding that we have seen in govts gone by. This is because one proven fact is that guild funds always arrive late usually at a time when there many demands that need financing.
For example the current sitting government has failed to organise standard simple guild events like freshers ball for freshmen, subscription fees for entertainment cable tv come late and there has been no campus giuld assemblies all in the pretext of absense of funds yet all summed together they dont consume more than 5million uganda shillings yet a standard guild terms runs over a period of 8 months. Any sizeable well thought of guild plan can be able to raise you half of the needed fee to organise a simple event instead of not holding the whole event as a whole. Its an embarrasment if a govt fails not to leave any innovetive project running but its a bigger embarrasment if the govt fails to acheive even what the previous govt acheived given all its mediocrities that you can name.
No wonder my friend always says the guild candidates shouldnt blind us with those sweet manifestos let them tell us straight up that they want to be the ones to sign for those allowances from the guild instead of lieing that they will improve the relationship between the students  and university administration because no matter what they do our relationship with the university will be sour if the guild governmenr cant organise a simple freshers ball of 1.5 million shillings……yet the past government managed to organise one.


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