Hold steady your orgasm as i normalise the climate

The worst part of the final was the part where i had to shake their hands. Their plastic faces with muscles over stretched trying to force a smile. I was disgusted it was like was like staring into an ubflushed toilet.
Wonder why we have to go through the same script like monks praying for world peace that keeps slipping through their fingers. Their suits pinned with tags they should spare me the pretence. They romance bias in the dark but preach fairness in the day light. My hatred for them stinks like death in the night. Revenge tags with me like the truth in the eye of the witness.
Dont give me the Judas Iscariot hug i fear for my purity. I dont trust where your hands have touched, passed nor kissed. That little brain in your index finger i hate to the brim.

You clutch on the law like drowning soldiers where is the gallant death munching vulture. Did you suddenly drop it, was it out if guilt trying to emanicipate your lies with innocence like the feminist. Your sins line up before my conscious like am an African post colonial dictatorship. Every ounce of my breath screams shoot with that kalashinkov. Many times i wish i had the physical energy of a meteor. Find you at cross roads and send you whining down deaths path.

I used to sleep eyes wide open wondering what i lacked. I google searched my arsenal looking for a counter plan for all the stats and figures i lacked and as fate would have it i have none. In your thirty second heist i saw the light. Its not the names, the clothes on your body or the curriculum vitae you use as a tail spreading your gossip. None of everything they whispered in my right eye for it was me clogging it in all this time until you arrived like a menestreal  bleed and opened my left ear. And their in the blinker of an eye the power to power me is in organistion. That patience to hold onto what i own and not throw it away in a rush. My other remaining achilles heel is karma. That bitch has shown me her back side like a million times but the day i man handle her is the day i will shine…………….


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