Girls text messages not to send your man……mum was like…….

……..we need to talk…..

This text message implies two things either you are calling an end to the relationship or you are texting me remind me that you missed your monthly periods and i should reduce the trips to the bar with my friends and instead redirect them to the maternity wards and hospitals where i will officially be the most un-interested client they will ever have.

……….my mum was like…..

Nothing annoys as much as this text. Not only does it make you look stupid it makes me think you have no decision making of your own. How sure am i she wont tell you when we should have a child and you know very well am not ready to have baby feet running around my apartment. Dont you discuss our sex life about how am laying pipe better than  plumber and your dad aint giving your mum D proper……she may get jealous and start making moves on me. That i cant trust you to call the shots on a certain topic and should we have a fight there is  a million chances not only will i be defending myself from you but your mum to and you know very well i dont like that womans mouth

.. …….i ran into my ex……….

This text always brings up a million questions with no answers and you know very well my brain cant handle such work load. I will be asking myself what you discussed, did he try to rekindle that old flame, did you fall into that female trans and some how feel like you missed the old him. By the way how did you break up,  who called the first shot at we are done……all these be flying in my head while trying to hide my mascline ego that am not worried of losing you. That even though you go i wont miss you any way….there too many fishes in the sea for starters……

………….i cant stop thinking about you after just the first date……………

Now this leads to two ways either you are a hoe with a certain disease on sell or you are a serial stalker trying to have a go at my head. Its worse if it was even a blind date set up imprompt by some sick friend of mine. And whats make you miss me too much already yet we had a date that didnt last more three hours. Dont you have a boyfriend, you a spy, what are you


Now this one i dont even know how to start. Did i say something wrong that has made you get mad at me, are you so busy that you cant say nothing, are you done with me and you have already gotten somebody else. Whats the matter talk to me


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