My Typical Odd Ugandan week from which i never learn


On monday complain about how i hate mondays on facebook or twitter or better still start Black Monday and complain to every one as to why am not in the juicy office that steals government funds.

On Tuesday whine about how the week is taking too long to get done while keeping one eye on the discounts at burger king.

On wednesday talk of how i cant wait for Friday while doing the moon walk screaming ‘hump day’. Am fucking somebody tonight fingers crossed.

On Thursday get excited that friday is the next day. Look out for some random corporate party and gate crush it for free beer while appetising my Friday liqour spree.

On Friday party like nobody is watching and wake up complaining of a hung over hoping that random bar hopper calls.

On Saturday browse through the sports pages looking for juicy betting odds and bet my way into poverty.  If i happen to win or lose i will drown into that liqour and those brown Ugandan thighs.

On Sunday get to church and let my spirits out to the lord. Sing songs like ‘jesus you are all to me’
Never mind that i am polluting the church air with my fermented alcahol reeking breath.


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