Notes from my love letter days

The love letters that interested me the most are those that i kept sending to a lady i was a secret admirer of while at university. “I kept sending her letters confessing my undying attraction to her. I would send her one during the week and another on the weekend. I geuss she started waiting on the letters and wondering who it was for i actually never revealed myself to her. I guess it was the fear of rejection i suppose”

Another time i remember i wrote someone a love” The most memorable line from that poem was
“Love is like lightning, it strikes once in a lifetime.”

I was also supposedly naughty i geuss and kept in an album of love letters which i often re-read. “Reading them after these years makes the heart grow fonder,” I cannot forget the 52 love letters i received in a space of one year.

Another clear memory of the love letter is the first one i ever received, which keeps sending me into moments of laughter. “My first love letter came through the mailbox. My father picked it along with other mails, read it and he was so mad at me. He reported me to my mother, who instead asked him if the letter was addressed to him. When he replied ‘no’, she asked him: “Why did you read it then??

There is another memorable love letter i got despite the fact received a number of love letters, but one I cannot forget is the love poem my then girlfriend sent me when she could not join me for Valentines day. The words that caught my attention were
“when my heart skips, it will be a way of I knowing that I was thinking of you.”
Another line was
“when I get a breath of wind blowing my way, I will know that you were with me despite the distance”.
When I read this, I felt what she felt because every word in the poem came from her heart. The words she used were the usual words she used in her everyday conversations with me.”

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