open relationships as a trend utterly cool


By the way what’s the talk that’s causing tremors in your area code after all the wild partying in skimpy outfits and drunken behaviour throughout the night, look at all of them pretending in church! Hypocrites for at that point and then and then God watched in pity at how lonely the man looked alone in the leafy garden. So He sent him to sleep and extracted one of his ribs from which He curved out woman; a well-rounded and more curvy being. Genesis chapter (ah aaaaah ummmm . . .). Just believe! For today Open relationships (where man and woman date but simultaneously agree to see other people) have become a social trend lately. What’s the cause for this shift in social behaviour and can they really work?

Grand ma calls this madness the DOT COM madness just too much horniness in our morphologies. Are women are insulted on the silver screen and we pay and vote for who throws the coolest insult on charts called top 40’s or countdowns from your local television channel. For grand Ma, she always moans are new form of relationships just can’t work and it’s all because of impatience, greed and lack of satisfaction, responsibility a collection of all good words from the library you can imagine but the word is People are simply TIRED of all those good words. Reality gets harsh by the day, relationships are quite a piece of work my friend not for the weak hearted…the way my favourite actor would put it. However it ain’t that more like FWBs?? Like where usually where the girls get stuck while the boys can easily get away?? Even in the age of 3D, many times women’s emancipation can be cruel.

Men don’t want to get committed…… for women its either too much love for their men that they tend to let it be just to keep the relationship or if not when a couple has something that bonds them may be friends, family, child ooooo….wait did I just say child. God forbid that don’t count no more these day most of my cronies grew up solos literally where dad and mum existed in word form like dead grand pas’s portrait in the wall picture frame, you never got to see them always chasing the paper with the dollar sign.

I mean people these days use that as a backup plan or they used. So if the current relationship doesn’t work and fails on its head, they have someone to run to! Even scientifically, it ain’t advisable to eat one type of food; you have to consume wide variety pink cookies, vegetarian and any consumable on the shelf. You know when you meet someone, you are always not sure whether he/she will be the right one so we decide to continue meeting yet we are free as birds in the sky or bushes just as my favourite lyric likes to ring in my head. You stuck on left over yet the new soup is cooling…….


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