my thoughts keep playing tricks on me

Tick tock the clock tows away down the alley
clawing the walls with dirty fingers no ice age
side by side my reality and acctuality spread asunder
like bodies in an accident everything is indecent
towed to where the eyes cant fly
and questions demand no answers
every thing happens so fast with no formula
with reckless regard for our IQ’s no Enstein
in the heat of the moment flashing the checkered flag, no F1
desperatly hanging onto life straws plugging the stains
life sucks the grains no coca cola
round it goes like a merry go round, no Christmas
like a religious lamb, drink after drink, sip after sip i cope it
do they see me, do they hear me, are they even interested in knowing me
the very thought of them is drowning, its like staring down a cloud
that dump cloth on my conscious is clowning
heartbeat loud, how did i end up with this
what was the bargain
a few dots of something material, something that was destined for burial
success pats from my homies onto my shoulder, kisses from strangers
cant seem to comprehend this anger not knowing what went wrong
their faces plastic keep evoking deathly shivers in my spine no Samo Hong
their suits stink with conspiracy, ploys against the minority
the name tags scream and cloud my very end
i feel offended for being the one sperm that grew
a carbon that sprouted and fermented to life’s heat no alcahol
a blurry vision emanating from every recall
the guilt dropping from their sweat
the twitch in their rough handling, echoes from that murderous laughter
for it all made sense to me after like a love song played over a grainy 50’s television
so sad like a lonely orphaned doll, no dildo
the truth was always for rent
but we all missed it, the way the government misses the point…..


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