bye bye 2012 i wish you well

Hope you are doing well
the last time we talked you were up for sell
your memories were on every stall
like a flea shop your goods were on display in every mall
with no discount prices we searched on you like the Holy Graille the people you took hope they reach safe
those you smoked out of the palaces into the tunnels
from Gadaffi to Ben Ali
justice for every blaze for every ring
giving life to the Arab spring
trickling hope to those at the bottom of the food string
those you missed like Al-Asad hope they fall off that clif
and justice prevails
like karma you wished no man pain
for when you passed tears poured like rain
presidents ran from their shots and tears poured in their vests from Gbagbo’s Ivory Coast to the oil toast of Nigeria
the abattoirs were in the church
was Santa made of steel for blood ran through your branches
it hurt to pray as we watched hope
dwindle and roll down the slope
as brotherhood, fraternity committed suicide before the eyes of the pope no man is an Island
my neighbours have a new constitution
but the same old desolution
an intiuation to kill for political power
why does karma hand the evil and corrupt another hour
while the righteous die young?
and does 2013 promise any better or its new dog
same old tricks??
Hope you didnt visit the Mayans before showing up


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