Tutonium; the land of mutants

. . . . . . . . . . . dry humid weather and everything looks normal though there is a smell of death In the air with mirages rising out of the distance a land train zooms by with reckless abandon of traffic rules and other road users. The land train speeds by with its carriages swinging dangerously from left to right but its head facing strictly the direction it’s headed too. A radioactive symbol falls of its back carriage. A small passenger taxi is nearly hit in the back side by one of the lad trains pink carriages as it speeds into the mirage.

We continue our journey into the flooded swamp. In the taxi seated behind me is a young girl dressed in American style uniform. A short skirt with coloured patches crisp clean long sleeved shirt with a small bag sling across her shoulder. She has this sullen look on her face like she is expecting something very bad. Across her seat is a woman with a big smile painted across her face. She has pink plastic cheeks and has hair falling directly into her face and she is holding a figure in her hands that looks like a baby wrapped in white sheets. At close up inspection it looks like a baby doll and not a real baby. Every time the taxi jerks in response to the bad road the blue eyes blink up and down repeatedly in the sea of deathly smile painted across its face.

As we drive deeper into the swamp passengers keep disembarking one after another and it transforms from a swamp into a dry desert land with scattered thorny plants and wooden houses. The place is so dry you feel the heat in your breath. Out of the blue a baby passes by dressed in tiger over clothes seated on a two wheel toy transformed from a lawn mower. The mower is travelling at very high speed and breaks on the stainless steel barbed wire fence covered in thorns. The baby’s fence lands on the barbed wire hook that land between its two eyes. The motionless baby then moves away from the barbed wire like nothing has happened at all. It looks round once then starts moving towards a human image in the distance.

From the ground up it looks like a female in stripped school shoes pink socks and is seated cross legged as though waiting on the school bus. The sun rays block my view of her face but the pig tails she has on obstruct the sun rays helping me recognise her as the girl from the taxi. She turns her face towards me then back to focus on the wooden building across. There is a black and white television showing grainy images of presumably 50’s story of exploration that took place in the area and how the mineral discovered led to destruction of the lives of the people in the area through contaminating their water leading to mutation of their genes and off springs. In the picture they holding black remains of presumably a baby in white sheets that the narrator calls bones. There is also an image of a moaning woman who has her back to the camera so I can’t recognise her face. After narration police dressed in 50’s style uniform with tags showing they work for the secret service come and whisker her off and that’s when her face flashes before the camera. It’s the same as the woman in the taxi with the baby with blinky eyes and I guess that was her baby then.

As they whisker her away so does the scene change like wise and we are seated in an all white medical facility with some sort of interrogation centre. The woman with the baby is seated next to two men dressed in black. Across is another woman who seems to be the one conducting the interrogation using complex medical terminology. The room is silent and all you hear is the blinking of medical equipment from the next room. The woman holding the baby is dressed in 18th century style consisting of large grey skirt and cloth over her head. The woman doing the interrogating is dressed like a Nazi nurse and so are the men in black but with no swastika. On the table is four glasses that look empty but directly above them is a black lining that looks like a metallic sheet. It’s dripping a liquid that is dropping in the glasses directly facing the women and not those for the men. The drops keep falling as the tension in the room keeps rising with each passing minute. Out of what seems to be frustration the woman leading the interrogation picks up one of the glasses as though to sip from it. As the glass moves towards her lips a whirl wind sets into the room and my images get blurred.

The next thing is of two women in a dark room with only one light source and the other being pitch black. The two are tied off the ground by chains that keep knocking the ground and producing sounds. At close inspection the canine teeth of the women have increased in size and have a coat of black lining around them. Their hair looks too greased with colourless oil and their skin is pale white with ring worm like features. Her eyes are blood shot and look very frightened. Something knocks her startling her as she roars in my direction and I awake . . . . . . . . .


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