we dont write local material

Moving down the dusty street i hear loud music emanating from the shacks. Punchlines are strewn into place verb after verb to the letter. Little youth keep moving in and out of the buildings. When power cuts exist small generators keep dancing off the ground. Powering old model 98 computers equipped with CD burning software. Clients come armed with their playlists and emty memory cards ready to fill up on some new music.
Just around the corner a kid keeps singing dabo line phones available here on the cheap. Others brandish Cd covers and Cd holders.
Amidist all this maze of activity, one thing stands out. All the songs copied onto the Cds none of them is a local tune from the local artists. Its taboo to ask for a local song and some stalls even have large notices pinned onto their premises “we dont write local music“. Its a much easy to pick new songs from America and Europe than a locally made Ugandan song. The same rule applies to the movies where western movies are worth less than a dollar and for the locally done movies you have to fork up to 5 dollars to arm yourself a copy.
Its a natural law used in the film trade and even enforced by the local entertainment body who carry out periodic random searches in such of local content thats sold ilegally while turning a blind eye to the pirated Western music.
One time i was face to face with one such operation and the youths were protesting their right to work given they werenot touching the local content or reselling any. Those who have it even go to the extent of giving away the content free of charge than retail it for profit in appreciation of our local artists i dont know……………..


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