Indecently for God

Short dress for the almighty on 6 inch heels to flush the full length if the brown ebony thigh. Guilty blood red little dress stocked up thigh length no lunps. Hair parted uncomfortably back to cover the bare back. Strip thin bra holds the mounds that attracts the faces in the places i visit even the angels are hating. The cologne in the arm pits sits inches away from the book containing the word of God for small is trendy. The chapters compressed to feel the finess of my cologne 2.0 that buries the crowds around me for theirs cheap.
The doors are glass to reflect the sins i have to shade off. The eyes of the church lights blink as the usher hands me the pledge card, a one way ticket out to cleanse me. The noise emanating from the tiled walls of the temple of God see no evil and entertain no demons nor ghosts. The marble flour screams ”come thee lost daughters of Israel”.
Judge no man but am not welcome in the presence of God today. At the door the ushers smile is switched off like its in power energy saving costs. The doors are slammed shut on my face my make is unwelcomed for am too caked up i may make God obesse trying to save me. Gods temple is guarded by angels but this time the security gaurds whisker me off to the very devil am running away from for i wont be allowed to place my indescent butt on the church furniture.
So whats indecent; coming to church and fantasising about the preachers short skirt. What happened to coming to our heavenly father “the way we are?”
You will be fishers of men who will change the world but then why judge the same people you claiming to change? When do you cross the conflict of interest bi-line or is it targetted spread of the gossiple. Does the word of God which hunt its victims or are we all prize trophies the turbanacle is piling upon? Its part of the bigger conspiracy called the numbers game more equal success.
The congregation inside who is more indecent me or the one seated inside wishing the female pastor was preaching naked. Or the one depositing 500/= and removing 10000/= as change from the offertory basket. The married pastor picking on young girls in the church in motives coated in ” dear sister” or thats not indescent but fulfilling Gods word of being my brothers keeper. The differentiated seats and clearly marked offertory envolopes i thought we are all equal in the eyes of the lord just saying.


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