Perks of dating a beeper

The other day i was in the restaurant having dinner. Seated across my table was this flawless daughter of Eve cross legged. Am from that school of gentle maniliness so i walk up to her table and request if i can join her. She is fine with it and so we start chatting and one thing leads to another and we leave a pact to meet again after swapping numbers.
Usually the man makes the follow up call but my annonymous lady would not wait. First i got a missed call on my phone which i thought i missed because i was in the shower. I reciprocate her call and i thought it was a done deal and passed off to sleep.
Next day i woke up pretty late only to find 5 missed calls on my dail. To identify the caller it was the same lady i had met over dinner. On calling her back she claimed she was just checking on me and asked whether it was fine with me. Over the next few days i grew to like her and we went on several dates in different places.
She was fun to be around with a great sense of humour and bags of wit in her cranium. She was a fashionista who ran her own boutique down town. As the days fanned our new relationship on i noticed perculiar habit. In my call log she was naturally expected to appear most but in her instance she was flooding my timeline.
She would beep twice in an hour just to ask me how i was and how work was when i called back.  Initially i thought it was a friendily gesture since no one had ever paid keen interest in my life any way. How it became annoyingly frequent when one day i go a beep from her during a presentation at work. I thought it was an emergence since that morning i had woken up feeling batter flies in my tummy but on calling her she was laughing and asking how work was. I was so pissed but i had to keep calm since i was in the middle of a deal breaking presentation. After the presentation i got another beep from her which incessed me even more.
I had taken days with out loggining into my social networks so i felt since i hand a great deal of hours on my hands i deemed it great to check out. She had trolled through all of them with reckless abandon. Going to the extent of commenting on posts i placed long ago. Some times she even had time to have monologues on my wall posts. Tagged herself even in pictures that i had been erronously been tagged in.  Kept posting questions and demending answers. I was so distraught and asking myself is this the perking i have to bear to date a serial beeper????


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