so who gets to eat all this Christmas left over

At my house usually mum lights one stove to prepare the famiy meals for a family if 6. On Christmas she has this habit of lighting 8 stoves for the same number of people. One christmas she shocked us by going to extremes of even hiring extra stoves to prepare the christmas meals. The sauce pans are always filled to the brim that to cover them she uses banana leaves and  not metalluc covers.
The chicken and beef comes in different flavours from roasted to deep fried and any other flavour you can think of. For a small family of 6 we manage to seal off a buffet given the fact such a luxury never happens all year around since she always does the serving.
We never usually get that many visitors even on special except when the annoying parish priest gets a vision asking him to visit us. So most of the food remains.
The drinks come in huge numbers and in all flavours you can imagine of.
Some food is smashed at supper time after dancing since performing gangnam style is no walk in the park. We leave the dance flour pretty hungry.
My worries usually crop in at 9 Am at break fast when we are meant to empty those sauce pans. For starters am not a fun of left overs since i prefer my food hot and fresh off the pan unlike mum. So my question is who is meant to clear the excess food meant for Christmas?????


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