My jaw just got punched because its boxing day

They say no sun sets with out its histories and surely the Christmas sun is setting till next year it will call, may be. As proof my neighbours just started fund raising for next years unlucky bull or chicken and any moving edible animal. Mama just ordered us all to neatly fold our Christmas clothes in the big suit case in her bedroom for she fears we go mess them. Unfortunately our distant cousins are yet to recover from that shot of valium 5. They wont till around the 15th of January thanks to the persistent complains they wanted a better Christmas so their maam came up with a killer plan to make them sleep. Grand ma is yet to mention a proper English word neither in the local dialect since she claims the chicken is still gagging her throat. She is speaking in trans and the beer smell is lingering over her like badly done make up on a cute face. Her hands keep swinging punches like she slept watching the rumble in the jungle. The sauce pans and plates used to cook yesterdays food are littered around the place like drank prostitutes with guilt painted across their face like like they woke up in church. Yet someone has to bend over and wash them sparkling clean. Every one my eyes land on is throwing hell no punches in the air with folded knuckles. I on the other hand went dancing in the locally organised open air dance hall. It rained not heavy just a drizzle but with our gangnam style dance, the place looks like a pig sty. My shoes are muddy and my trouser is torn around the turns. My dates face looks swollen, she is holding a plastic with ice am told as soon as it clocked 12Am, punches started flying in the name of boxing day and her left jaw got caught. All morning i have been zombing around the house nursing this huge hung over. My eyes are half closed most of the time but atleast they can see the miniture images on my phone. My cousin jumped out the window and planted a Muhammed Ali punch on my left jaw screaming boxing day buddy. The calender reads 26th with sub scripts saying its boxing day. Since in Africa, where we give no gifts is that what boxing day is all about????


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