I hate my boring disappointing Christmas

May be am lucky to be among the souls that never receive any thing they think they deserve. First all my friends went against


their promise packing their bags and went to the village yet we had promised not to. So i was hunging in town like an orpharn. Their phones to blacked out so their was no way of chatting with them on social media.
I thought i would do dirty and head to the city. In the city, all the shops were conspicously closed with huge solex pad locks. Luckily the pizzeria was open. Their half price discount was a no seller. The place was not as  bubbly as usual, a couple of whites came in and left shop in twos or threes but the Africans were a no show probably they had migrated to the villages.
Minutes after paying, the heavens opened and the rain poured like we owed it something. It went 30 minutes straight none stop, forcing every one into shop. I left the shop in hope of picking up some night angels for the night company. I attacked the streets they rule but no skimply dresses human soul was in the area. I tried others but the same answer prevailed on me. Their numbers were off the heavy down pour had messed up the signals.
Not bearing the cold i looked for a taxi ride home but they too proved even more disappointing. I hoped onto a motor cycle known as boda boda for the chilly ride home.  Half the way home we discovered the road was flooded and nearly impassable. The cycle man asked me an extra cut or he dumped me their to waddle through the water. My hands were tied so i succumbed to his whims. Crossing the water was no smooth ride as we nearly tripped into the water.
At home electricity was off and i smelled it was not coming back any time soon. Not by the number of poles that had fallen over that i had seen on my way. My house being the most extreme to the forest it was no surprise it was darkest of them all.
Inside the house i was welcomed by my knee colliding with furniture. The house was grave yard silent and my pizza was ice cold. My phone joined the consipiracy against me by starting to warn of battery low straight away. So the eating was done at bolt speed until my neighbours dog started barking which was not improving my situation……


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