Freedom of speech; why my voice counts

I grew up in a small country, Uganda to be specific. We are land locked with no water to freshen up like our neighbours. Our roots are enslaved in dreaming over the horizon in stories we hear from travellers from across the sun. The stories we retell and retell until the initial ingredient depreciates. Over cups of beer amidst wild cheers burning under youthful exuberance with those we love. Back then it was oral not like sex but across word of mouth. We sat all night to hear those melodies dwindle down our ears. No one really ever claimed even once that s/he owned the stories because sharing them made them even more special.

2012, we have the internet, a web of information consumed free of charge. That share button I see on my desk top I keep pushing it. But lately, blog trolls called internet police made up of a bunch of losers telling me what to say, when to say and how to say it keep bugging me.

But not all our fingers are the same height. We can’t all pay for what we see or share on the internet but that doesn’t mean I can’t be creative and work my creative juices. I sit all day at my computer to create but will still need that random free picture from the internet to cut the icing on my cake.

My country over the last few years has had this obsession with the public order bill. A way of policing the people by giving lengthy preventive punishments, stringent bond terms for bail all to benefit the sitting government and not the public they claim to protect. It stifles our chance to complain on anything the government does. Take the same rules to the internet, and we have no say.

Images of police beating up on the citizens, throwing tear gas at innocent by standers have their copy right images owned by the government. How will I then be able to share it with the world? Unless of cause if am ready to sit behind those cold ice bars of a dingily lit prison cell in Uganda. So as you just ream am on the ticket of free speech because the censorship plan is just like the government, they all missing the point…………………………………..


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