real reasons why i signed up for #mtnKampalaMarathon

The marathon is the in thing this weekend with tons of human beings fat and small all picking up entry forms to run the marathon so what are they really wanting in the marathon. Their gold medals to be picked up that come with allowances but Ugandans just want to have their pictures in the national gazettes. Monday morning news papers should have us posing with the V-signs or posing in groups of five to six showing the Kampala love.

Others just signed up rub shoulder with the local wannabe celebrities. These celebrities come in all shapes and sizes from corrupt people to politicians to so-called musicians who have more tattoos and bling hence any chance to be seen at the same stage, in the same pictures with our little friends the celebrities is good enough an idea to sign up to the marathons.

How about the chance to hook up some new meat since single tude is painful. All those sweaty bodies have and come with easy calling of come get me. At the end of the race we could easily organise dates and congratulatory hugs to even strangers since having the same colour is good enough as a starting point but be careful not to pick the sweaty smelly one.

How about the out door chance to view and ogle at the Jiggling body parts like them boobs, nice arse doing the up and down as the beholder takes each step. All these motions make the heart grow fonder creating those images and saving them to my hard drive. Better still some participants have many victoria secrety sexy style racing tracks.

Lastly in Uganda nothing beats any opportunity to get some freebie like water, cap, top that are given to any one that signs up to the marathon. Dont be surprised if the many people who sign up dont reflect the final numbers at the finishing line. So after the marathon, dont be surprised if they start using these freebies as their signature style on all social outings and dates. Girls be walking around in lectures with their yellow mtn water bottles.


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