reasons why #Besigye will win the MTN Marathon

Besigye the former hardcore President of Uganda’s main opposition group today confirmed that he will be taking part in the hotly awaited annual Kampala MTN marathon. Hence I and my highly trained pundits analyse his chances of stealing the hotly contested marathon that will attract close to 20,000 people.

First Mr. Besigye has ran this town from blue to pink teargas days, police intelligence, rainy days that he has created a map in his oblongata of his endeavours he won’t need a GPS because he knows all its corners and short cuts like the back of his palm. On marathon day it will be a stroll in his compound. If Kiprotich ran in London and won in a city that he was not even familiar with then how can Besigye lose in a city he know too well.

From his experience and training during the walk2work campaigns, he walked 10km in office shoes and a suit not once, not twice but many times thus armed with sports gear there will be no holding him back. In those Nike racing canvas he will be like Jesus walking on water.

Besigye too has bigger owl size eyes that can easily pick up all the shortcuts that a normal eye can’t see which gives him added advantage. While his competitors will be scrutinising their guide maps our dear friend will be four steps ahead.

The dark skin that covers the big man will act as a heat absorber. The heat will then be used to recharge his internal batteries as he shutters the marathon records previously set.

Plus Besigye is good at announcing his own results. Remember what he did during the national elections when he set up his own tallying centre don’t be surprised if he sets up one come marathon day so MTN better not play with the results.

Plus that blue bag Besigye carried a lot during the walk2work campaigns has extra supplies and steroids. Don’t be surprised if he takes a break to inject more of the drug for muscle to catch more ground.

Next up is the fact that Besigye reps the Blue colour through FDC, I don’t see him wearing yellow that even the NRM wears and MTN uses. Nope he will wear blue which will make him UN noticeable from organisers. He slips it back on at the finishing line to be announced as a winner.

Besigye was not second best unless it’s an election organised by Museveni and his cronies. Since this marathon is organised by a neutral body not engaged in politics expect Besigye bounce back and do what he does best, be first.

Lastly we all know Besigye’s wife Winnie Byayima is busy is busy at work at her job at the UN, meaning the big has not had any sex thus all this energy that would have been lost giving her the D. So coming on marathon most of his competitors who spend half their time supplying the D won’t be man up to him with his energy stocks still full.


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