most stupid thing i did for love was torch myself

Love is stupid because it blinds. It makes you do stupid things that in your right mind wouldnt give a second thought but once in love you always want to lock them away on your kodak film or scribble it in ink hidden in a love letter. I too have beaten by the love bug not once but many times but this specific incident is glued in my box of memories.
Back then when i was all muscle without brain i fell in love with a flaming daughter of evil oooppps Eve. She was portable like the Iphone 5, her curves bulging like the edges of my samsung galaxy. Her persona made the pope look a white veiled sinner and meeting was the best day of my life. She was a gift in my life that never stopped giving. Little did the boy in me know love is like the sea, sometimes its smooth but most times its turbulent and rough and takes an experienced sailor to navigate who at that time was not me, not even a quarter needed. Like i said i was all muscle without brain.
When we had a couple fight it was like a world war everything went flying asunder hence in my desire to show her how much i cared and loved her, i did the most stupid thing that day.
I crept to their grass thatch house round 2AM, with a container full of petrol ready to burn her for if i couldnt get her then no one deserved her. The scene was safe, all dark with no movements but mine. I started emptying the can full of petrol onto the grass thatch where lay my sleeping beauty. Once done i pulled out a box of matches, said the last prayers on her behalf to God requesting he hand her a rose flower on arrival in heaven and remind her it was from me. XOXOXO On lighting the match, i held it in my fingers for a couple of seconds as though telling her bye and threw the match stick towards the petrol drenched thatch.
Little did my little brain know that even my clothes too were drenched in petrol yet petrol loves a good flame and since i was near the lit match stick, the flame torched me with ferocious force and aided too by the night wind without even reaching my target. Within seconds i was a human torch screaming for help from no one in particular but the same people wanted to torch to death.
Luckily i was rushed to hospital and today am a disfigured human being like that guy from the movie DARKMAN. How stupid did i get for love i always ask my silly self.


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