signs she wants to walk down the aisle

Girls are complicated books to read and understand, they are like the bible everyone understands them in their own way and sometimes the simplest of signs can be ignored over a cold shoulder especially if you have male genes running through you for you normally take them for granted till you get locked away like a bad million dollar jackpot. One of the usaully over looked signs is knowing when she wants to take that relationship to marriage levels because men are always
comfortable where we are and marriage is for show offs who like their D’s zero grazed. So i am pointing out some signs that she wants to move this relationship ting to another level because she tired of being your aasshhh.
First and fore most, she suddenly she becomes obsessed with jewellery and i dont mean bling bling or bangles for your pretty little ear but rings. Formal respectable rings and spends half her time playing with your ring finger like she is measuring its size. Like she wants to see what best fits yet she was not doing that before. If she doing this brother better flee my brother before she memorises the size of your ring finger and places orders at the local store.
Second up is picks on the habit of inviting you at her friends weddings to even those you dont know and goes a step further to even pick on random weddings of people she dont know just because she got an invite. At the wedding, her monologue is if this was my wedding i would have done this, removed this and added more of this and rearly complements that persons wedding then brother its time to flee for she is drawing for you the picture im full colour so dont act colour blind.
Then during coversation she keeps asking who your friend is even though she knows all your friends even the ones you had in elementary school. She wants to know the character of your ideal best man brother the answer to that dont answer but simply flee for safety from such tempting evil in wedding gowns.
Then her Itunes playlist gets an over haul like hurricane sandy took a marathon through it. Before she had songs like call me may be, think like a man and independent woman on play back. Now its Beyonces put a ring on it, lets get married running through her headphones into her oblogonta dude steal her batteries and split before that playlist gets a replay.
Lastly she starts making those baby noises and not the moans in the bedroom but keeps complementing nearly each baby at how cute they are even those who are horse looking. She even has spare time to visit kindergattens and doll shops. Thats sign that her eggs on her back aint holding no more so better Deny her the D for its better safe than sorry.


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