signs your relationship is no more

Relationship is meant for two people but it reaches a point when you need a third party named auditor. These are signs you need his service in your love life.
Remember when you shared meals, now all you do is take meals in turns. If your partner invites you for dinner you probably dont feel like eating but will snuggle away at snacks coiled away in the sofa watching TV.
Your spouse goes through your pockets and always comes out
disappointed like he had a horse look alike for a blind date for not finding any noisy can i hit you tonight chits, receipts to cheaters getaway safaris.
When you have relationship problems and report to the police station, the officer in charge (OC), introductory remarks will be like, its you again whats the problem this time.
Then in the age of service-at-home, your taps will always break down at 3pm and only on Friday when you not their. At home your spouse be like, see i called the technician to fix it and you wondering to fix the pipes or your spouse.
Then lastly she all smiling announces she is pregnant yet you took secretly took a vasectomy operation leaving your jaw broken on the flour.


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