Uganda and its dilemma of weeding out gays

I love my country we are coded to be idle-preneures who love to turn small things into humongous god save us topics. Our laws are built to fish none issues and bring them to the fore of public debate. At the point when fingers and questions are being asked as to why the government is failing to curb the rampant corruption the government PR house turns around and innovatively comes up with a brilliant idea of let’s make them talk and argue about gays now because to the government issues concerning corruption aren’t issues worth talking about, the mess in the public transport system is ‘good’ enough for if you don’t like the taxis then use planes and of you are tired of living In Uganda because its overcrowded go live in heaven. Take for example the gays for starts that in Uganda are people fighting behind masks in their small numbers. It beats my understanding for the government to pay millions to a semi learned lot called MPs burning countless hours to develop laws or whatever they call it to weed them out. Wait we paid billions to a certain kazinda because he complained that his salary as an accountant in the prime minister’s office was meagre so we are used to such irrelevancies any way.

If it’s to fight gays whose only incompetence is that of loving the B side then what’s the use of all these cultural institutions like kingdoms and why were they reinstated any way. In Uganda we are a very traditional society where sexual matters involve a man meets a woman, even traditional marriage has a girl introducing her man to her family and divorce is naturally outlawed for God and my country. The primary reason for the existence of the kingdoms was until I don’t when the promoting, maintaining and educating the people of these cultural norms hence for the government to have to back up the role of the traditional kingdoms with laws is a sign that kingdoms exist for political reasons and not what we folks thought or believe the kingdoms stand for. Bottom line they were reinstated to garner votes for the president for the gullible none schooled traditionalists for these kingdoms mean not a thing to the president any way.

Then up come the numbers game, the president and the NRM party like the numbers game like a fat kid loves cake. He has created a monied class of in-laws of uncle so and so who is a sister/brother in-law of dad so and so that operates with reckless impunity and tight controls his stay in power with all tools at their disposal. Now look at a situation with gays and their own money stream though not verified then you directly threatening his seat just saying ……………nor will gays bear kids that will be brain washed in our education system. Right now what should be doing the rounds in the ears and lips of many Ugandans? Is creating more opportunities for better health care, solving the mess in the public transport system and not burning energy witch hunting gays who don’t even exist for the same energy is meant for the thieves in government who are robbing us blind………….


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