Ohh I love my president the Giver of Divas

He is the only man with a vision a funny situation and claim but remember our national motto is for god and my country and my president usually takes the place of god. His ‘giver of divas’ GOD just look at our executive most faces are female with matching names like yellow girl, Nantabba never mind whether they are working or not that’s small issue. We are playing the numbers game here many forget NRM stands for “numbers run motives” if you can’t beat us join and don’t play fool. His clock has been stuck at 26 biologically you have become younger and historically you adapt to the dotcom politicking. You are still relevant old man like the manual tuning button on my plasma TV set. I like your style of increasing the defence budget but reducing the health budget because it’s easier to defend the sick and weak than healthy people digging a hole never hurt anyone that’s manure for the future btw. When the mothers came crying at you to improve maternal health to have safe births you gave them a portion and the rest was pushed into the pockets of your dear mps but turn around and complain at why its only you with the vision. You recently launched a dictionary in your indigenous language I searched for the word corruption but I got nothing. Am told the dictionary is rated pg13 and such words are x rated think I get the logic now.

Are you an arsenal fan you seem to like babies because they make good cadres? When you call them to state house they come running and panting. I wonder how big a constituency yours is for Do mps represent you that they sometimes make decisions to please you the voter. Take the example of your shining omelette Nantabba after trashing her they realise they had annoyed you so they squeezed her in. May be because she was a riyale new new face in your reshuffle. Because when you made the latest grand pa asked me whether the year was ’92 or ’12 because he say faces were the same. If it’s not broke don’t fix it, and Uganda has not been broken any bit. Wonder what eyes the so called opposition is using to look and complain. The potholes are designs meant to enhance your driving experience in Uganda as well as cut down on the speeding. The hospitals and dispensaries are not meant to be fully stocked with drugs what if people start abusing these drugs and over dose on them. Corruption is the most efficient economic activity there is in these harsh economic times. That’s why you have taken the necessary steps to ensure it’s well funded with all the bullions. We don’t need expatriates in this sector to steal our knowledge and export it to the thieving Chinese so they can over take us. You have stuck to locally made professionals who operate with impunity to ensure this economy is always at peak.

You are a big fish and Uganda is becoming a pond to you. Crossed to DRC for breathing space Somalia for vacation and since the au is starting to bad mouth how about if we go to south Africa to organise ANC for old times’ sake.


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